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Enliven Every Day With Colourful Homewares and Accessories from Badger & Burke

Enliven Every Day With Colourful Homewares and Accessories from Badger & Burke

Originally published in Etsy's Featured Shop series
by Katy Svehaug, photos by Shannon Elmitt 


From housewarmings to hostess gifts, these playful-yet-practical designs are sure to delight any recipient—including yourself!



A far cry from the muted and mundane offerings you’ll find along the aisles of a generic homegoods store, the giftwares and kitchen accessories from Badger & Burke offer a markedly different perspective. Pops of color, striking cutout patterns, and a throughline of humor and wit express a clear point of view guaranteed to brighten any space. You'll be hard-pressed to pick a favorite piece, but this Pride Month, be sure to consider designs like their tongue-in-cheek gay agenda notepad and so very gay sticker. “It’s our way of taking the language back and saying, ‘Yes, yes it is "so gay"—and that’s a great thing,'” says co-owner Jamie Armstrong. “Customer response has been wonderful, and inspired us to keep following our gut with our designs.”

Since launching Badger & Burke in 2017, Jamie and his partner Holton Brock have expanded the offerings of their Vancouver-based business to encompass a range of gifting-ready items including tea towels, totes, and handmade birch trays. "We often describe Badger & Burke as our weird and colorful love child," says Holton. “My favorite part is getting to do this with the person I love the most." Join our celebration of LGBTQIA+-owned shops today—then read on to find out more about Jamie and Holton’s inspiration and process, and to explore the incredible Badger & Burke line.


SHOPRainbow paper goods and homewares from Badger & Burke, from $4

SHOP: Snitty kitty sponge cloth, from $6; Fluffball dog sponge cloth, from $6; Many cats sponge cloth, from $6, all from Badger & Burke


Why Badger & Burke should be on your radar: With designs that elevate ordinary homegoods to infuse self-expression and whimsy into daily routines, Jamie and Holton’s products encourage a celebration of spirit sure to stand out to recipients. Colorful cutout patterns are a hallmark of their designs, making it easy to pair items—like a beautiful birch tray and matching tea towel—to create memorable housewarming gifts. Otherwise ordinary products like sponge cloths rise to statement-piece status featuring vibrant illustrations for the dog lover and feline inclined. Citrus prints more your speed for the kitchen? Their lime and lemon designs provide a fresh take. The duo also offers an extensive collection of cheeky greeting cards and stickers that incorporate humor and personality into often straight-laced occasions. “We love dumb jokes and irreverence and a healthy dose of camp,” says Jamie.



The best pieces for memorable gifting: Some of the best gifts strike a balance between practical and playful, and it’s safe to say Badger & Burke have mastered that mix. From their colorful tea towels to tongue-in-cheek notepads and eye-catching sponge cloths, it’s easy to find the perfect little something for every occasion in their shop. “We are very much a giftware brand,” says Holton. “Even if sometimes you’re buying a gift for yourself!”

Buyers regularly voice their appreciation for the self-expression Badger & Burke designs encourage. “A customer let us know she was buying from our shop for her daughter, who had just come out, because she wanted to make her first Pride special,” says Jamie. “She decorated the house, threw her daughter a party, and included a few of our products as gifts.” Another customer reached out to share that they’d purchased a rainbow tea towel after coming out, as a present for themselves to celebrate. “Hearing that truly warmed our dumb little gay hearts!” says Jamie.

SHOPRainbow sticker from Badger & Burke, from $4
In their own words: “From the beginning, we intended for Badger & Burke to be a super colorful expression of our creativity,” says Holton. “We love our rainbow motif because it’s cheerful, colorful, and makes us (and hopefully others) feel good. We put it on everything: tea towelsspongescardsnotebooks, and tote bags. The rainbow pattern was designed not only because it’s classic queer iconography, but because rainbows are truly full of so much joy—queer or otherwise! That’s a big part of what we love to capture with our brand